Monday, February 1, 2010

Bipartisanship: Can It Be Achieved?

As a follow-up to the State of the Union Address, President Obama met with House Republicans at their retreat in Baltimore on January 29, 2010. He outlined the initiatives he discussed before the nation with an emphasis on job creation and turning around the American economy, an economy that seems to be bogged down in a jobless recovery from what has become the "Great Recession."

The President exhorted the House Republican caucus to be willing to support some of the legislative efforts that his administration has suggested. He also pointed out instances where his policies moved closer to those of the Republican Party. he asked the Republicans to act in a bipartisant fashion by acting to solve the problems faced by the American people rather than digging into an ideological position.

To see the President's remarks and his responses to questions posed by Republican lawmakers, C-SPAN carried the entire exchange and has posted it to its website.